Quantum Mechanics

The fundamental branch of physics with wide applications in experimental physics and theoretical physics that replaces classical mechanics and classical electromagnetism at the atomic and subatomic levels. Generally, it proposed that energy is discrete rather than continuous.

Introduction to Blackbody Radiation

Introduction to Blackbody Radiation

– Blackbody is a theoretical object that absorbs 100% radiation. – Carbon in graphite form absorbs all but about 3% of incoming radiation. – At a particular temperature the black body would emit the maximum amount of energy possible for that temperature. This value is known as blackbody radiation. – Maximum wavelength emitted by a […]

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

With classical physics, we are certain that we can determine the future by analyzing the data from the past and the present. However, the discovery of quantum mechanics shown that even with all necessary information, the future remains unknown. In the early 1900, four important events had revolutionized science and the way we think about […]